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IWMBuzz plays a fun fitness Segment with actress and former Bigg Boss contestant Claudia Ciesla. Check out the story for more details

Yoga is my favorite – Claudia Ciesla

Claudia Ciesla is a Polish-German actress and model who works mainly in the Indian film industry and has earned immense popularity after she participated in the TV series, Bigg Boss. She has also been a part of several Hindi movies, the likes of Khiladi 786 and Kya Kool Hai Hum 3. Apart from being a fantastic model and actress, she’s also someone who keeps a lot of interest in fitness and she happens to love yoga the most. So, in an interesting quickie with IWMBuzz, Claudia has certain interesting answers to some fitness-related questions. Read to know more

What is your cheat food?

Peanut chikki (nowadays)

Favourite exercise?


What is your morning routine?

The first thing in the morning that I do is yoga for an hour and that is followed by a nice cold shower and a healthy breakfast.

Fruit or juices?


Stairs or lift?


One tip for everyday fitness?

Take advantage of the free time (lockdown) and be more active (walk the stairs, do free weight exercises at home), and enjoy home-cooked meals.

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