Archies debutante Vedang Raina is on a roll. His debut film was a huge disappointment. Vedang was not. His sophomore film Jigra where he teams up with Alia Bhatt , will feature Vedang singing his own songs on screen.

The only debutant who seems to have escaped the Archies catastrophe is Vedang Rana who played the vain Reggie Mantle with a refreshing lack of vanity. Vedang has caught the attention of Karan Johar who is re-launching Vedang in Vasan Bala’s Jigra where Vedang co-stars with Alia Bhatt. Advance reports on Vedang’s performance are, to say the least, very positive.

Vedang seems smitten by his Jigra co-star Alia Bhatt who is also the film’s co-producer with Karan Johar. “It was a great learning experience.Every day of the shoot for this film I’ve poured my soul out on the set. It’s an experience I’ll never forget and it’s changed my life in more ways than one.”

Vedang feels he has evolved since his debut. “Having to share the set with someone with as much proficiency and expertise as Alia is a blessing and a learning. I’ve gotten to explore my craft as an actor, in my head at least I’d like to say I’ve grown exponentially compared to my last film(The Archies) and my process and approach towards acting has also changed.Alia has been a support in every way possible and I have so much respect for her. She’s the kindest soul I’ve ever met.”

Vedang is not supposed to talk about his vocal skills in Jigra. But he is excited to pursue a career in singing alongside acting. “Hopefully I will get opportunities to sing in the films that I feature in. And maybe one day I can release an album.I only trained for singing for a month or so.But I performed in school and college quite a bit.I did some gigs here and there.”