All the rumors and assumptions have now been ended. The past week has been quite a ride on the media circuit where an array of reports have been circulating in context to the upcoming Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal wedding.

From having a leaked audio invite that was shaped like a magazine cover to then Sinha’s father and legend, Shatrughan Sinha coming forward and talking about their wedding. People began reading between the lines and when an apparent instance of Sinha’s mother and brother, Poonam Sinha and Luv Sinha respectively unfollowed Sonakshi from Instagram, there was a lot of fuel that was added to what was assumed to be an igniting fire.

Fans began wondering if there was a rift amidst the Sinha family owing to Sonakhi’s decision to marry Zaheer Iqbal and even so, that they might not be a part of their ceremony.

However, all of that can be put to rest owing to two instances – one happened in front of the paparazzi where Shatrughan Sinha posed happily with Zaheer Iqbal and the other being the above image from an intimate family gathering going viral.

As one can see in the above image, the entire Sinha and Iqbal family are happy together posing for the camera in a large group selfie which is taken by Sonakshi herself. The photo consists of the core and extended family who is incredibly happy, thus denoting all is indeed well.