Anurag Kashyap grilled by cops

Anurag Kashyap Questioned At The Versova Police Station, Unlikely To Be Arrested

It seems highly unlikely that Anurag Kashap will spend any time in jail anytime in the near future for the rape allegation by a starlet.

On Thursday Kashyap was grilled at the Versova police station for nearly 8 hours. Sources say nothing substantial emerged from the grilling.

A former close friend of Kashyap who has severed all professional relationship with the filmmaker, says Kashyap went into questioning fearlessly. “Because he has nothing to fear. Ever since he became a successful filmmaker he has been inundated with actors and actresses asking to be cast in return for favours. He has never encouraged any kind of untoward conversation or verbal intimacy. In fact, whenever newcomers have crossed the line, Anurag has blocked them off. This is all very new to hear. You know, that he acted sexually aggressive with a lady. That’s not the Kashyap I know.”

Sources close to Kashyap say he plans to go all-out for legal redress against the charges.

“He is getting ready to sue the lady for defamation with every ounce of blood that he’s got,” says a close friend.

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