OMG2 and Gadar2 are rewriting the rules of success, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. These blockbuster sequels are not only gripping the nation but also raking in jaw-dropping figures.

OMG2, the much-anticipated sequel, is proving its mettle with an ironclad grip on its second Friday. The screens lit up with ‘House Full’ status in evening shows, leaving no room for doubt about its phenomenal success. With a compelling ₹100 crore milestone within reach, the question now is where its ‘lifetime biz’ will ultimately land. Friday marked a spectacular Week 2 with ₹6.03 crore, catapulting its total earnings to an impressive ₹91.08 crore. This remarkable feat solidifies its position as a game-changer in the Indian box office arena.

Box Office Showdown: Gadar 2 crosses 300 crore mark, OMG 2 earns 91 crores 844073

Meanwhile, Gadar2 is not just roaring; it’s soaring to unprecedented heights. The film’s massive popularity in mass pockets across the country is setting a new precedent in the world of cinema. What’s even more astonishing is the substantial contribution from Tier 2 and Tier 3 sectors, which is poised to establish an entirely new benchmark for box office success. As we gear up for the weekend, industry insiders are predicting a monumental surge in earnings on the second Saturday and Sunday. The numbers speak for themselves – Friday alone brought in a staggering ₹20.50 crore, propelling the total collection to an awe-inspiring ₹305.13 crore. It’s safe to say that #Gadar2 has set a new gold standard in the history of Indian cinema.

Box Office Showdown: Gadar 2 crosses 300 crore mark, OMG 2 earns 91 crores 844074

These two films are not just breaking records; they’re setting the box office on fire. With their relentless momentum and unwavering audience support, it’s clear that OMG2 and Gadar2 are here to stay, promising an exhilarating ride for movie enthusiasts and an exciting chapter in Indian cinema’s history. Stay tuned for more updates as these cinematic juggernauts continue to dazzle the silver screen! #BoxOfficeFrenzy