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Karan Johar is caught in a dilemma with his most expensive film Takht getting caught in a problem.

Boycott Takht: Will Karan Johar be forced to shelve the film?

With the campaign to boycott Karan Johar’s proposed Moghul costume drama gaining momentum, Karan Johar is now in a dilemma. He either gets rid of his writer or shelves the project altogether.

Given the current situation, it will be impossible for Johar to go ahead with what is his most expensive film to date.

The film’s writer Hussain Haidry’s tweet on ‘Hindu terrorism’ has created a furore on social media with netizens offering Karan Johar the option of either sacking his writer or offended netizens boycotting the project.

While Karan Johar maintains a studied silence over the controversy, elements close to him say he is seriously reconsidering the project.

Says a friend of Johar, “He may decide to drop the project since there is no film without the writer. On the other hand if the furore dies down after a while he may consider keeping Hussain onboard. But at the moment the option of continuing with Hussain seems unlikely, given the volume of protest.”

It may be recalled that in 2016 Karan Johar was under attack for using Pakistan’s Fawad Khan in his film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

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