Rhea Chakraborty needs to come clean

Dear Ms Rhea Chakraborty, Shedding Tears Won’t Help

The laughably juvenile video that Rhea Chakraborty has put out sobbing over the horrible things that are being said about her, makes her sound like a schoolgirl complaining to the principal about the bullies in the class.

Rhea needs to understand one thing. She is not the victim here. Sushant Singh Rajput is. Was. He lost his life because it(life) wasn’t treating him well. And since Rhea was the only who was around in his final days(at least during the weeks and months before the tragedy since she clearly in his final days), she needs to have better answers than ambiguous catchphrases like ‘Truth will prevail.’

I have news for Ms Chakraborty. It seems truth is already prevailing without Rhea’s prompting. The more she runs away from it, the more guilty she will look in the public eye. Right now the sentiments regarding Sushant’s death are running hysterically high. Given the volatile situation and the public’s growing need for answers, the martyred-salwar-kameez -look and wet-eyed -bewilderment damsel-in-distress appeal is not going to help.

What Rhea needs is to come clean. Tell the public that she was the dominant partner, that she controlled Sushant’s life. It almost always happens in a relationship that one partner dominates. But do not try to gain sympathy through artificial grief. It’s too late for that.

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