“Itni shohrat phir bhi itni insecurity, a leading film personality said to me about Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s touchy response to anyone who criticizes his moneyspinner Animal, the latest being Javed Akhtar who(rightly) questioned the highly objectionable bootlicking sequence and wondered if such scenes are setting the right example for movigoers.

Sandeep Reddy is not known to be open to any kind of criticism.His attitude is that of immediate and irrevocable intolerance. If you don’t like his work, you are his enemy. Reddy forgets even the greatest of artistes are not immune to criticism. Even Jesus Christ wasn’t spared.

When Javed Saab questioned the validity of the bootlicking Sandeep immediately started foaming at his mouth. He immediately retaliated by pointing out the vulgarity in Mirzapur a series produced by Excel Entertainment of which Javed Saab’s son Farhan is a part.

One fails to understand why Javed Akhtar should be answerable for what his son does. In his own career, Javed Saab has never written one single vulgar word of dialogue or lyric.

In fact he he opted out of Karan Johar’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Apparently at one point in its production , Karan Johar had decided to re-christen his debut film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai as Dobaaraa, on the advice of lyricist Javed Akhtar.Javed Saab found the title Kuch Kuch Hota Hai vulgar. He suggested the title Dobaaraa, as the film was about finding love a second time.

However Karan Johar decided to stick to his guns. Javed Akhtar opted out of the project and was replaced by lyricist Sameer Anjaan.

“I have never indulged in any sort of crudity in my entire career. The women in my screenplays with Salim saab(Khan) were portrayed with utmost dignity.I would rather be jobless than write anything that I’d regret later,” says Javed Saab.

A member of the Animal cast very close to Sandeep Reddy says, “He is actually a very nice guy.No one in the cast and crew would have anything negative to say about him. Just why he chooses to be so touchy about criticism is puzzling.”