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IWMBuzz brings to you Sonu Sood's reaction to Sanjay Raut's dig

“God Bless  Them,”  Sonu  Sood  Reacts  To Sanjay Raut’s Dig

Shiva Sena politician Ranjay Raut has taken digs at Sonu Sood’s astonishing work in transporting thousands of migrants home.

Sarcastically calling him ‘Mahatma Sood’ Raut states in the Shiv Sena-sponsored newspaper Saamna, “Sonu Sood took the streets and acted well. The work he did is good work but I thought some political director may be behind him in this task. There are many working behind the scenes in COVID fight. But a person working so much in front of the camera – which means he is trying to show Maharashtra govt is not doing anything. He was called to Raj Bhawan as well. But Mumbai has other COVID fighters as well, they should also be celebrated and heard.”

True to his nature Sonu Sood refuses to get provoked by this uncalled-for jibe at what is clearly a noble cause.

Asked how Sonu feels about his work being politicized he responds, “God bless them.”
About being called ‘Mahatma Sood’ by Sanjay Raut, Sonu reacts, “I am a common man. And will remain the same always.”

Then finally Sonu says, “It’s better to move forward.”

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