Gone are the days when Salman Khan would flare up at the slighest provocation. No more vice guy. Apparently the Khan has taken a call to not get riled by criticism , or even abuse.

The ‘defamation’ against Kunal Kamra was nothing but misinformation. Media outlets went into a tizzy when a notorious rumour-monger on social media declared that Salman Khan is taking standup comic Kunal Kamra to court for defamation, after the latter shot off his mouth on Salman’s , shall we, peccadilloes?

No doubt the tone and tenor of Kamra’s jibes was offensive. They were meant to be that.But who takes stand-up comedy seriously? Not Salman for sure.

A close friend of the star called this writer a while back saying the defamation talk is just hogwash. “If he(Salman) sued everyone who abused him he would only be in and out of courtrooms. Over the years, Salman has come to terms with his controversial attackable image. He knows mentioning his name, especially in a derogatory context, gets attention. So no, he isn’t suing this guy(Kamra).”

Some months back, Salman Khan had taken legal action against a self-styled film critic for repeated abuse in his so-called reviews.

“Even that proved such a waste of time for Salman. His father Salim Khan counsels him to ignore insults. Salim Saab tells Salman they are just a way of grabbing attention,” the source informs.

Apparently Salman , like his Khan colleagues Shah Rukh and Aamir, has lately taken a non-confrontational stance in matters pertaining to legal redressal.