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Karan Johar, Anxious Nervous In London

Karan Johar currently in London , has double reason to be nervous and anxious. His first webseries The Fame Game which brings Madhuri Dixit back into the limelight, starts streaming on Netflix on the same Friday(25 February) as his god-daughter Alia Bhatt’s litmus test in Gangubai Kathiawadi releases in theatres.

During an informal chat from London, Karan sounds like an anxious mother whose children await admission into a prestigious school. “I don’t know what I am more nervous about. The Fame Game or Gangubai.I haven’t seen Gangubai as yet. But I know the magic Sanjay Bhansali is capable of creating with Alia. The girl is blessed. I am so proud of her.I have been waiting for the two of them to work together.”

As for The Fame Game it give us one more super-talent, writer Sri Rao, from Dharma Production.

Says Karan enthusiastically, “Sri is a US based writer. He is amazing. How did I find him? I just did. I guess keep my eyes and mind open. But I take no credit for the talent that comes out of Dharma. These directors writers actors and technicians all have it in them. Varna main kis kaam ka(otherwise what am I worth?).”

Maduri Dixit,he reveals, was always the first choice for The Fame Game. “We needed a superstar to play a superstar.”

Overt modesty apart, Karan hopes Gangubai Kathiawadi would be a smash hit.And not only for his darling moohboli beti Alia. “The industry needs success. We are struggling desperately post the pandemic.”