Know more about why Aamir Khan ate 12-15 Paans a day in the middle of PK's shoot!

Did You Know? Aamir Khan Ate Up To 12-15 ‘Paans’ Every Day For His Movie PK: Know More

It’s all about dedication and much hard work which eventually pays if you give your 100%. We are sure that things change and it takes time, but it does and who better than Aamir Khan will tell you about it. His life had been a roller coaster ride many times but a few downs didn’t let him stop. For instance, while filming his film ‘PK’ he got so involved in the act that he didn’t notice that he ate over 10000 Paans while shooting the film.

Aamir Khan has always been dedicated when it comes to acting prowess. His acting chops never failed to woo us, the likes are Dangal, Dhoom 3, and many more to talk of the latest. But the one which gave us a reason more to drool upon him is PK. The film was directed by Rajkumar Hirani and went on to be one of the highest grosser movies of that year. Perks of being the best!

To match the expectation of his role, Aamir khan just kept eating Paans and never stopped. He used to eat a fresh Paan for every take. Also, before rolling and starting the shot, he used to eat around 15 Paans to get the perfect color and texture of his character. After getting tired of arranging so many Paans, the maker arranged Paanwala to the set, so the issue was resolved. Also, the actor made his own Paan with the ingredients he liked the most, lol!