Rumi Jaffery speaks on Sushant Singh Rajput investigation

Let The Maharashtra Police Do Its  Job,  Says Rumi Jaffery, A Close Friend  Of  Sushant Singh Rajput

Writer-filmmaker Rumi Jaffery is very upset with the way vested interests are milking the tragedy of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death for their own purposes.

Says Rumi angrily, “First of all, who are these friends who are championing Sushant’s cause? He had never even met some of these people. And if you really care about Sushant’s death then why don’t you let the police do its job? The Maharashtra police is among the best in the country. If there is any aberration in the case, let them take care of it. Why are these so-called friends shouting ‘murder’ without any evidence of foul play?”

Rumi was called for questioning in Sushant’s case by the cops last week. Rumi says the questioning was a breeze. “They asked me routine questions about my relations with Sushant. Other filmmakers had gone with their lawyers. I went all alone. I didn’t even take my water with me. They had to provide me with water.”

Rumi couldn’t bring himself to watch Sushant’s last film. “I couldn’t bear to see Dil Bechara. To be reminded that this is the last time we see him was a bit too much for me to bear.I will watch it after some time when the wound is not so raw.”

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