In a recent social media exchange that has captivated fans across the nation, Telugu cinema sensation Mahesh Babu has caught the “Jawan fever” that seems to be sweeping the country. Tickets for the highly-anticipated film have been flying off the shelves at a staggering pace, and Mahesh Babu has enthusiastically added his momentum to the frenzy with a tweet that has set tongues wagging.

Taking to Twitter, Mahesh Babu couldn’t contain his excitement, expressing his eagerness to join the “Jawan frenzy” and watch the film with his entire family. In a show of genuine admiration for Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who headlines the movie, Mahesh Babu lauded the charismatic actor’s “frenzy and power” on full display. He also extended his heartfelt wishes for an “all-time blockbuster success” across various markets, as mentioned in The Indian Express.

Shah Rukh Khan, ever gracious and appreciative, swiftly responded to Mahesh Babu’s warm gesture. The Badshah of Bollywood conveyed his gratitude to his friend and fellow superstar, expressing his hope that Mahesh Babu would thoroughly enjoy the film. In a heartwarming gesture of camaraderie, SRK offered to watch the movie alongside Mahesh Babu, eagerly awaiting an invitation to share the cinematic experience with the Telugu icon and his family.

The heartening exchange between these two iconic figures of Indian cinema has set social media abuzz, leaving fans ecstatic about the evident bond and mutual respect shared by these mega-stars. This convergence of cinematic talent from different corners of India has only intensified the excitement surrounding “Jawan,” making it a must-watch event for fans and movie enthusiasts alike.