Mrs. Chatterjee Vs. Norway starring the very gorgeous and talented Rani Mukerji has raised the bar in Norway. The movie accrued the highest weekend box office total for a Bollywood movie in Norway. What is more to the cake, is the movie has surpassed SRK’s Pathan. With Mrs. Chatterjee Vs. Norway, Rani Mukerji set a record in Norway. Within just three days throughout its opening weekend, the movie brought in 745000 Norwegian Krones and has reported a 4.8k fill in the theatres.

Rani Mukerji effectively portrays an immigrant mother fighting a country for custody of her children in the story. The movie has garnered a tonne of praise from individuals across the world for its unforgettable rendition and saddening plot. And Rani being Rani, if she wants you to immerse in the pain of a character, we know she excels! And it is what made the movie a spectacular watch on the screen!

Reacting to the same, the producer Nikhil Advani, states, “This is a story of might and fight of a mother. I am heartened, to say the least, that the movie has been receiving so much love. We will continue making movies that inspire and move audiences.”

Shariq Patel, the CEO of Zee Studios, added, “There is a different magic that true stories bring. Inspiration is sought at the most intrinsic level which connects with the heart of the audience. It becomes imperative that we constantly satiate this hunger by offering narratives that stimulate the intellect and we are extremely grateful for the love we have received from the overseas audiences.” As quoted by India Today.