Naga Chaitanya and not Vijay Deverakonda was the first choice for Parasuram’s disastrous Telugu film Family Star.

Now that the film has tanked brutally, Chaitanya who has hardly had a dream run at the boxoffice, is thanking his stars for the narrow escape.

Says a source in the know, “Director Parasuram went to Nag Chaitanya with Family Star. Nag didn’t like the sound of the script he heard. He gently suggested some changes.This,Parasuram didn’t take kindly to. He never returned to Chaitanya.Instead he approached Vijay Deverakonda who happily agreed to step into the role and film.”

Sadly Vijay’s selection of scripts in recent times has proven to be highly deleterious to his career.Family Star is on the way to becoming another massive flop for Vijay, perhaps the biggest setback in his career.

Speaking on the subject a filmmaker who has worked with Deverakonda feels his nebulous script sense is his undoing. “VD spends too much time on nurturing his stardom . He should focus on growing as an actor. This can only happen if he chooses the right scripts. Sadly even his brother Anand Deverakonda seems to have a better script sense than the Family’s Star.”