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Producer Priyanka Dutta clarifies and refutes rumours of Prabhas demanding huge money of 70 crores for his next project.

Producer debunks stories of Prabhas’ 70-Crore Fee

Has Prabhas charged Rs 70 crores from Producer Priyanka Dutta of Vyjanthi Films for his next assignment? Sources in the know say the figure is highly inflated.

“Prabhas has asked for what he deserves and the production house has happily given him the amount. It is nowhere close to 70 crores,” says the source.

However, when pressed to further reveal the exact remuneration, the source begs off saying, “I can tell you this much. It is more than what Prabhas has got for any of his earlier films.”

In fact, Prabhas did S S Rajamouli’s Baahubali, no doubt a turning point in his career, for a pittance. That has obviously changed.

“But 70 crores? Who puts out these ridiculous figures?” wonders a source clued into the economics of Prabhas’s new project.

Producer Priyanka Dutta refutes all speculation about Prabhas’ remuneration saying, “We haven’t locked in on any remuneration as yet. It will take a month’s time to settle the fee.”

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