There was so much noise surrounding the release of Dharma Productions’ much-anticipated film, Yodha. The film starring Sidharth Malhotra, Raashii Khanna and Disha Patani in lead roles had an extensive promotion strategy attached to it which included big-scale poster launches and India’s first in-flight trailer launch as well.

However, none of these aspects transpired into a good run at the box office and instead, the film did not manage to achieve even encouraging numbers, despite all the efforts. The disappointing innings, in spite of positive critical acceptance surprised many.

And now, actor Raashii Khanna reacted to the same in an interview with India Today. She did accept that the film did not perform as per expectations but mentioned that she was proud of the film and acknowledged the creative experience she gained from the film.

She mentioned the possibility that there might be individuals who love or dislike the film, acknowledging the diversity of opinions. Expressing the desire for the film to be well-received upon its release, she acknowledged the challenge of attracting audiences to theaters, especially with the widespread availability of films on OTT platforms. She admitted to occasionally opting for OTT viewing due to her busy schedule, noting that modern audiences are often occupied. Despite this, she expressed confidence in the quality of “Yodha,” stating that she doesn’t perceive it as a bad film. She reflected on the notion that each film has its own destiny, emphasizing the importance of learning from the experience and moving forward to the next project.

She concluded talking about how she feels so glad pertaining the reactions she got for her performance and even more because this was her return to Hindi films after a long time. She mentioned that she felt very happy to see herself on the big screen in Hindi and that is her takeaway.

Yodha released on March 15 in theaters and collected around Rs 34.25 crores, according to Sacnik.