JD Chakravarthy is one of the finest and most accomplished actors in Indian cinema. The actor was recently seen in Ek Villain Returns and his performance was appreciated by one and all. However, without any element of doubt, his biggest hit and talked-about film till date has to be ‘Satya’. The movie has gone down in Indian cinema history as a cult one and not just that, it also helped Manoj Bajpayee eventually become the star he is today.

Although the movie is many years old, actor JD Chakravarthy shared a very interesting incident during the time of the release and mentioned a hilarious and fun conversation that he had on the phone with Shah Rukh Khan. He was reportedly quoted by Hindustan Times saying,

On July 2, an evening before Satya’s release, I got a call from Mani Ratnam. Mani was already a dear friend at that point in time. He had watched Satya and I asked if he liked the film. He said, ‘Somebody wants to talk to you’. That somebody took the phone and said, ‘Salaam Alaikum’. I said, ‘Walekum Assalam, kaun bol rahe hain (who is it)?’ The person said, ‘Doesn’t matter who is talking, just answer one question. If Satya is to become a disaster, what do you think we should do?’ I asked him, ‘May I know your good name please?’ He said, ‘What’s there in the name?’ I said, ‘It’s important. Tell me your name.’ He said, ‘My name is Shah Rukh Khan’.”

He further added,

“I got offended. I said, ‘Shah Rukh, I am not as talented and intelligent as you. You tell me what we should do if Satya turns out to be a disaster.’ Shah Rukh said, ‘It’s simple. Satya mein jo JD Chakravarthy hain na usko nikaal kar film mein Shah Rukh Khan ko daal do (Replace JD Chakravarthy in Satya with Shah Rukh Khan). I said, ‘I don’t understand’. He said, ‘Agar aap mujhe film mein daaloge toh main film ka one two ka four kar doonga (If you take me in your film I’ll make it a hit).’ I understood he was joking with me. Shah Rukh added, ‘You are so, bloody good man. And the film is so good.’ I love the way he gave me the compliment. I think he was shooting for Dil Se with Mani Ratnam at that time.”

Well, that’s quite literally ‘King Khan’ at his witty best avatar, isn’t it? Well, what’s your take on this ladies and gentlemen? Let us know your views in the comments section and for more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com