Here's how Prateik Babbar got over his menace of drugs

REVEALED: The real reason why Prateik Babbar got into drugs

Actor Prateik Babbar is ringing in his birthday celebrations today but make no mistake, the actor’s life hasn’t been a bed full of roses for sure. Prateik had suffered from the menace of drugs and for a long time. But ever wondered what got him into drugs?

Well, unlike many others, Prateik got involved with drugs because of his hatred towards his father and he left to stay at his Nani’s place post his mother’s unfortunate death. Since then, loneliness managed to get the better of him and that’s where he lost it to drugs.

As we know, Prateik is the son of late actress Smita Patil.

Sad and shocking isn’t it? But all that ends well goes well. Here’s wishing Prateik Babbar a very happy birthday and we congratulate him once again on his recovery from the menace of drugs. For more such updates, stay tuned to

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