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Saif Ali Khan the Nawab has played the role of a casanova over and over again, and this time he will play one more in the film Jawaani Jaaneman. Read here.

Into The Saif  Zone, 10 Times When Nawab Has Played The Casanova

In his new film, Jawaani Jaaneman Saif Ali Khan is cast (again!) as a middle-aged playboy…and if that sounds like an oxymoron, then well, we will just have to wait to see how Saif carries off the role of the ageing Lothario. This is not the first time he has played the roving-eyed womanizer. A list of the films where Saif dipped his wick generously.

1. Aashik Aawara (1993): In his debut film, Saif tried to pull off the rakish naughty guy with a glint in the eye. It was a disastrous debut with Saif looking as awkward as it could possibly get surrounded by a bevvy of chorus girls swooning over him. Best forgotten, remembered only for Saif’s real-life mom playing his mother.

2. Yeh Dillagi (1994): A poor pathetic copy of Billy Wilder’s Sabrina with Saif cast as the rich playboy who entraps his chauffeur’s daughter and then dumps her to go ‘Ole ole’ with any girl who he can lay his eyes on. The song Ole Ole was a hit. Saif was not.

3. Main Khiladi Tu Anari (1994): Saif played Michal J Fox in this feeble attempt to re-do John Badham’s The Hard Way about a superstar (ahem, Saif) who teams up with a cop Akshay Kumar to prepare for a role as a cop. Again, Saif tried to turn on the Nawabi charm full-on.

4. Kya Kehna (2000): Typecast as the urbane commitment-phobic rake who won’t own up to his pregnant girlfriend’s baby, Saif Ali Khan again played a guy who has a problem being a one-woman man.

5. Dil Chahta Hai (2001): Saif was Sameer the sucker for love who falls in love with every girl he meets. This was a turn-around film for Saif as it showed him to be an actor worth taking seriously.

6. Na Tum Jaano Na Hum (2002): Saif was again a womanizer, this time playing a character contrasting neatly with Hrithik Roshan’s strong steady reliable loverboy’s role. Saif can’t help playing the field. It’s in his genes.

7. Hum Tum (2004): A flirt and a ladies’ man and an incorrigible skirt chaser until he meets Rani Mukherjee. The Government, in all its wisdom, decided to confer the National award on Saif for this role.

8. Cocktail (2012): The story of a guy who thinks life is a never-ending one-night stand. Who can forget Saif in drag romping in his apartment with two unknown chicks? Dimple Kapadia who played his mother just didn’t seem to feel maternal. Can’t blame her.

9. Happy Ending (2014): Again the footloose fancy-free guy, who thinks life is one big party. When will Saif ever grow up? Not in Jawaani Jaaneman, for sure.

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