Actor Sanjeeda Shaikh is currently basking in the love and glory that she has been receiving for her role as Waheeda in the Netflix mega show, Heeramandi. It has been a month but the show continues to be the talking point for one and all for the right and wrong reasons.

However, for Shaikh, her personal life has been the subject of conversation for a long time as well and recently, in a heart-to-heart conversation with Hauterfly, Shaikh went on to be candid about the experiences early on in a nightclub which startled her, even more so because of the nature of it.

Shaikh talked about how she was molested by a woman in the club and it took her time to soak it in and get over it. She recalled that she vaguely remembered an incident involving a woman. She recounted being in a nightclub when a woman passed by and touched her breast before quickly leaving. She expressed feeling taken aback by the incident, reflecting on how men often misbehave by smacking women on the back, highlighting the sentiment that women are equally capable of such behavior.

She remarked that if someone is headed on the wrong path, they will continue on it regardless of gender. She emphasized that wrongdoing is not specific to either men or women, stating that what is wrong remains wrong. Regarding situations where a woman has wronged someone, she advocated for direct communication, asserting that playing the victimhood card is unappealing.

Coming back to Heeramandi, it was recently confirmed that Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar has been renewed for Season 2.