Find out what Sooraj Pancholi has to say on Disha Sailan

Sooraj Pancholi reacts to ‘false’ rumors around Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex manager Disha Sailan, says ‘Never even knew her or met her’

It’s not been too long that Sushant Singh Rajput and his ex-manager Disha Sailan passed away after committing suicide. Although nothing could be linked with the two suicides so far, a post went viral a few days back on the internet which said that apparently and as per reports, Disha Sailan was pregnant with Sooraj Pancholi’s baby and hence Salman Khan wanted to save him.

This is just another out of the many conspiracy theories which have cropped up regarding the case and finally Sooraj has issued a clarification on the same.

Reacting to the rumors, he said and we quote,

“I don’t even know Disha. I never met her in my life. I only knew about her after her death, and then later Sushant’s death, that too through social media. I’d never interacted, don’t know what she even looked like.

People who have nothing to do have written it like a movie script. It looks like a script that has gone wrong. I feel I’ll be wasting my time if I give a statement to something as disgusting, inappropriate, and insensitive as that.

It is inappropriate to talk [like this] about people who are no longer there. Think about the girl’s family, her brother and sister, and what they are going through right now. It is disheartening not because they are writing about me but you are writing this about someone who is not there anymore.”

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