Sushant Singh Rajput death case takes ugly turn

Sushant’s Death Probe Gets Murkier By The Day, The Latest Blow Is Way Below The Belt

Family secrets are tumbling out of Sushant Singh Rajput’s life. Rather than let him rest in peace, the squabbling factions, instigated by self-motivated political lobbies and news channels, are washing all the dirty linen in public.

Decency and respect for the dead be damned.

The latest and according to me the most appalling revelation comes in an alleged Whats App message between Sushant and his alleged girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty(alleged, because they never came out in public about their relationship) where he calls his sister “pure evil”

Hard to swallow, because I remember Sushant telling me that his ‘Meetu Didi’ mothered him after he lost his mother.Or maybe he was just saying the things that his ladylove wanted to hear?

The loss of his mother was the biggest blow of Sushant’s life. He never really recovered from that blow. He told me his mother was his world and when she passed away his life had no meaning or relevance.

“Success stardom wealth….nothing matters because she is not here,” Sushant had confessed emotionally.

And now to drag his mother-like sister’s name into the mud just to make yourself look better than you deserve to,is not just shameful it is evil.

If Sushant’s well-wishers really care for him they wouldn’t bring down his family’s name by leaking private chats whose authenticity is highly questionable.

To broadcast Sushant’s very private thoughts is…pure evil.

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