Alia Bhatt rocks the fusion outfits

Alia Bhatt’s fusion style never fails to leave us stunned

Alia Bhatt is the cutest actress in Bollywood. She is also known as cutie pie and looks beautiful. She has done various movies and she is famous for her roles in her movies. She is a fun-loving actress and always entertains her fans. She has a huge fan following and people go gaga over her for her beautiful looks.

Alia was seen wearing long sleeves striped shirt with a lace corset attached to it and she was looking gorgeous in that amazing outfit. The outfit was designed beautifully. She was seen wearing a long ethnic skirt with a white shirt on it and was looking gorgeous. She also wore a white shirt and striped skirt on it and was looking gorgeous in it. She has a great fashion sense and she looks beautiful in all her outfits.

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