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Kareena Kapoor's passion for a workout is an inspiration to many

Know here what is Kareena Kapoor’s favourite workout

Kareena Kapoor Khan is a famous Bollywood actress. She is an inspiration to all when it comes to fitness. Hitting the gym regularly and giving fans the ultimate fitness goals seems like a daily routine for the diva. She loves to do workout regularly. Kareena had put on her weight post-pregnancy and later on, she managed to reduced her weight by her dedication towards workout.

The favorite workout of Kareena is to do pilates. Pilates is a form of exercise that primarily focuses on using both the mind and the body to achieve benefits. She is mostly seen doing pilates and she loves doing that exercise a lot. This exercise is practised in western countries. Kareena doesn’t miss any chance to do workout and she is strict about her workout and gym sessions. She is also known as Pilates girl. The dazzling beauty with a size zero figure helps to inspire millions to lose weight. The main secret to staying fit and zero size figure is to do workout regularly and also balance diet.

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