Mira Rajput’s must-follow haircare routine is here, read below to know what the entrepreneur does to keep her hair healthy and shiny

Mira Rajput’s penultimate guide to healthy hair, read

A good professional guide to healthy hair would be your life saviour. Because as you age, your hairline thins out and just not age with other hormonal disbalances, your hair gets terribly impacted. Also, thanks to the increasing pollution every day, that makes your hair dull and frizzy. In this burning uncalled ‘healthy hair crisis’ both for men and women, a good haircare routine is a must. And who would be better than our darling Mira Rajput, who is an entrepreneur and an influencer on Instagram, to give you the perfect and penultimate guide to healthy hair? Owing to that, today we are here with Mira’s penultimate guide to healthy hair, that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Mira Rajput is married to Shahid Kapoor and is a proud mother of two. The star entrepreneur recently signed with Schwarzkopf Professional, as their ambassador. Recently in an interview the actress spoke about her haircare routine, and we find it quite reasonable and easy to follow.

When asked what is her haircare routine, she said that she likes to keep her haircare regime not too overwhelming and rather simple. She oils her hair before getting shampoo and then she deep conditions her hair once or twice a month. She believes this keeps her hair healthy and hydrated through out.

Mira Rajput’s penultimate guide to healthy hair, read 787605

Mira Rajput’s penultimate guide to healthy hair, read 787606

Mira Rajput’s penultimate guide to healthy hair, read 787607

Mira Rajput’s penultimate guide to healthy hair, read 787610

Mira Rajput’s penultimate guide to healthy hair, read 787611

The entrepreneur added on what she follows to keep her hair healthy in the winters. She said that she avoids taking hot showers in the winter. While it is truly satisfying to get under the hot shower, but high temperature can frizz one’s hair out. However, she doesn’t skip her deep conditioning part from her routine during the winters too.

When asked how she manages to keep her routine intact in her busy schedule, she said, that because of shoots, her hair gets exposed to several heating tools. Therefore she ensures that she is using a heat protection spray before getting exposed to the heating tools at the shoot. She has mentioned that this spray has been her life saviour. She also has added that it is important to trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends. She has also mentioned to follow a healthy diet to get the ideal healthy hair one wants.

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