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Check out how Shah Rukh Khan's Mannat looks from inside

In Photos: Take An Inside Tour Of Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat

Shah Rukh Khan aka the Badshah of Bollywood is undoubtedly the most loved personality of B-Town and the amount of unconditional love that he gets from his battalion of fans all around the world is truly like how a ‘King’ gets.

SRK has many ‘royal’ nicknames given by his fans like ‘Badshah Of Bollywood’ and ‘King Khan’ and they all ooze out royalty vibes just like how one would feel when he or she is with Shah Rukh Khan. Everyone knows this ‘king’ lives in his ‘palace’ called Mannat which is located at Bandra, Mumbai. All of you have seen the lavish mansion from outside and such is SRK’s craze that fans are spotted clicking photos with the house and ‘nameplate’ 24/7. All of you have seen how Mannat looks from outside. But what about the inside interior photos of Mannat readers?

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Well, check out the inside photos of Mannat below and they will certainly shock you. Take a look –

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