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The King of romance Shah Rukh Khan is ruling the Bollywood with his romantic acting skills.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Raj and Rahul roles set romantic expectations

Shah Rukh Khan is also known as King Khan in Bollywood. Till now, the actor has appeared in more than 80 films. He is also a film producer. He is also called the King of romance as he is famous for his romantic roles in his movies. People still love him for his acting skills, and his fans love to watch his romantic films as his love for acting is just fab. When it is Shah Rukh Khan in the movie, the movie already gets hit at the box office as his acting is something for which millions of people go crazy.

Shah Rukh Khan has played several roles, but in most of his movies, his name is Rahul and Raj. Till now, he has done 15 films in which his name was Rahul or Raj. Now his fans expect more movies of him, and if he plays Rahul or Raj role, then a mindset has been fixed that these two names will play the role of romance. By doing so many films with Rahul and Raj’s name now, fans see these names as a romantic hero of Bollywood. His fans love all his movies, which contain the Rahul and Raj roles.

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