Shraddha Kapoor slays Bollywood with her killer and amazing outfits

Shraddha Kapoor's most awkward moments in uncomfortable outfits 2

Shraddha Kapoor is the cutie pie of Bollywood and she amazes us with her fabulous fashion styles. She has done many movies and in each movie, she has played different roles perfectly. She is admired for her stylish avatar and looks beautiful in all outfits. Shraddha also gives us some fashion tips, which are necessary for amazing fashion styles. Shraddha’s outfits are amazing but sometimes in some outfits, she was feeling uncomfortable.

Shraddha wore a black skirt and a denim jacket on it and she was feeling uncomfortable in that skirt and was caught adjusting her skirt. She wore a black short dress and she was not comfortable in that outfit. Shraddha wore a backless dress in which she was looking fabulous but she was not comfortable in that outfit. Another outfit she wore was in the net and had a design over it but it was not looking beautiful on her. Shraddha has faced oops moments several times during awards and other functions.

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