Sonam Kapoor is a fashionista who always amazes us with her incredible fashion styles. She has become the most loved fashion diva in the industry. The actress is followed by millions of people for her fashion styles as she styles it differently and looks fabulous. One must definitely steal some fashion styles from her to look sassy at any event. She is also an amazing actress who has stunned us with her amazing acting skills. The actress is a great inspiration for millions of people to stay fit and healthy as she has transformed herself from a healthy body to a fit body and looks fabulously.

Sonam Kapoor also says that it was very difficult for her to achieve a well-toned figure, but her dedication and struggle have led her to achieve a toned figure. The actress started avoiding junk food and fried food. She followed her diet strictly and never missed any of her diet plans. She also says that her mother helped her a lot to follow her diet plan. The actress stopped eating high-calorie food. She also did some yoga and workout too to get in a shaped figure. The actress is a fantastic dancer too, and she also did some Kathak to burn more calories and lost a very good amount of weight. The actress was having a weight of 86 kilos, and she lost around 35 kilos in almost two years by following her diet plan, and now she is just looking damn hot and hot in her toned figure.

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