On the first anniversary of the superhit acclaimed crime thriller Mardaani 2, debutant Vishal Jethwa, who garnered huge acclaim for his spine-chilling performance as a villain, speaks about how the Rani Mukerji starrer has changed his life forever.

Vishal wasn’t looking for a stereotyped debut in Bollywood. He was clear that he wanted an author-backed role that would let him shine on screen and help him make a mark. “I was always looking for good work and opportunities. I was one of the several hundred who were auditioning for the role of Sunny in Mardaani 2. The YRF casting team had reached out to me for another project, however, Shanoo ma’am felt that I could probably be perfect for the role of Sunny in Mardaani 2. I went through several rounds of auditions with her, with Gopi sir (director Gopi Puthran) and Adi (Chopra) sir after which they felt that I could be cast for the role of Sunny and this is how it all worked out for me,” he says.

Vishal was blown over by the outstandingly positive feedback from every quarter. He says, “I received a lot of feedback and compliments for my work in Mardaani 2. Gopi Sir, in one of his Interviews, mentioned that Vishal is like water, you can give him any shape and he will take it, that, in itself is a huge compliment coming from an experienced director like Gopi sir. The legendary Rekha ma’am started crying after watching the film. She praised my performance and said that she can see maturity in it. Those were golden words for me. That apart someone else reached out to my mom and told her thanks for giving birth to Vishal due to which we have got a talent like him in the industry.”

Vishal adds, “In one of her Interviews Rani ma’am did mention that she got to learn a lot from an actor like me and this coming from a big star and powerhouse talent like Rani ma’am would mean a lot to any actor including myself.”

Vishal opens up about his ambition as an actor in Bollywood. He says, “I am not a person who believes in setting goals. I enjoy the process more than the outcome. My ambition would be to play different kinds of roles in my career, work with different directors and people so that I can grow as a person and as an actor. The kind of love and respect I have got from Bollywood and people around me, if I can sustain it, that in itself would be a huge achievement for me.”

Vishal reveals that the special screening of Mardaani 2 at Yash Raj Films, before the film’s release, was a hugely special day for him and his family. He says, “On the day of the Mardaani 2 special screening, I received a lot of love and a standing ovation for my performance. My family was very overwhelmed it was a proud moment for them.”