Sharvari, who is being launched as a heroine in Yash Raj Films’ big-ticket entertainer Bunty Aur Babli 2, is a multi-talented artiste. Not only can audiences await to see this gorgeous debutant’s acting skills on the big screen but they can also be rest assured to get wowed by her proficiency in piano!

Sharvari says, “Ever since I was child, I was influenced by music. I used to love listening to music. I used to sit in my room and play the old cassettes. Then, I used to play the CD’s. Then I had an MP3 player. So, I always used to have some kind of music with me wherever I went or even if I am sitting idle, I used to listen to music. So, when I was 10 years old, my mom actually enrolled me in a keyboard class and I haven’t stopped learning the key board even now!”

The young actress adds, “The class I attended for good 8-9 years but up until today, whenever I listen to any song or any tune I like, it gets stuck in my head and I immediately come back home and try to set it on the keyboard and set my notes to it. So yes, I think, it brings me a lot of peace and brings me a lot of happiness when I play the keyboard. It really is a very integral part of me.”

Ask her if we will see Sharvari exploring her musical side in films and she promptly says, “I would absolutely love for this to happen. I love acting, I love performing in films and I absolutely love playing the key board. So, both these things can come together and it should be an absolute dream project. I mean when I watched Andhadhun for the first time, I really wanted to be a part of that project. I would have given anything to be a part of Andhadhun. So, I can’t wait to see if something like that comes my way.”