Once Ishant Sharma expresses his desires to go on a date with Alia Bhatt on the Kapil Sharma show, read to know

Adorable: When Indian fast bowler revealed he wanted to take Alia Bhatt out on a date

Once Ishant Sharma, India’s fast bowler expressed on the Kapil Sharma show about his desire to date the very beautiful actress from the Bollywood industry, Alia Bhatt, as stated in Jansatta. Alia Bhatt is one of the popular actresses in the country, who has been ruling hearts with her beauty and grace.

Ishant Sharma appeared in the show along with Shikhar Dhawan and had a lot of fun in the show. Quoting the host, Kapil Sharma, Jansatta mentioned that how Kapil got the two sportsmen all involved in the fun conversation.

In between that, Ishant Sharma revealed that he likes Alia Bhatt. He said, as quoted by Jansatta, “Paaji, I used to like Katrina Kaif earlier. But now Alia Bhatt looks good”, on this Kapil Sharma asked, ‘Why don’t you like Katrina now?’, to which, Ishant Sharma said, “Earlier they were kids, now the age has increased, and now Alia Bhatt looks good.”. With that, the host asked him about who he wants to go on a date with, Sharma replied, ‘I have already told you. I would like to go on a date with Alia Bhatt.’