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Growing up we have come across several movies by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We also have several fans of those movies around us who cannot stop gushing about the movies. We too know two such movies and cannot seem to choose between them and here is where we need your help.

Black Widow VS Loki: The most awaited MCU phase 4 movie

Black Widow is a movie by the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will be out on the 1st of May this year. The movie is awaited by millions across the globe. This is mainly due to the entire back story, trailers and great cast that we’ve already got a peak of. The story revolves around Natasha aka the Black Widow sho is given to the KGB at birth and is forced to find herself and confront her past from the events of the Civil War.

On the other hand, we have the movie Loki which we just cannot wait to watch. Millions of fans all over the world are dying to watch this movie after knowing the origin story and seeing how interesting it is. While most thought he died in Infinity War and got a second chance at life in Endgame due to the time travel shenanigans we’re waiting to watch what happens in the movie Loki and how he takes the events of Endgame ahead.

We think both the movies will be equally great and are dying to watch them another. Hence we are not able to choose between the two and here is where we’re asking you to let us know below who you think must win the battle.

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