Farah Khan shared her ordeal of having no shelter above their head.

Farah Khan had only Rs 30 when father died, Salim Khan gave money for last rite; Deets inside

Farah Khan is one of the top directors of the nation. However, her journey was not all fairy-tale. She had to go through several hurdles to achieve the success she can truly call herself today. As per reports in media, Farah revealed shocking details about her childhood.

During an episode of Indian Idol 13, Farah Khan shared her ordeal of having no shelter above their head. She said that they lived in a store room at a relative’s house for six years. She also said that when people call them privileged, she gets upset. She tearfully revealed that they had just Rs 30 with them when their father died, and had to struggle to bid him farewell.

In one of the episodes of Bigg Boss 16, Sajid Khan narrated how their father Kamran was a film director, and they were well off. However, after a film did not work well, life took a drastic turn for them. After losing all his savings in the film, he drowned himself in alcohol, which led to health complications. When he finally breathed his last, the family did not even have money for his funeral. Sajid Khan shared that they went to their relatives’ houses and it was Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan, who finally gave them some money and they did last rites. Sajid also shared how he and Farah used to dance on Juhu beach to earn some money.

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