Here, we are looking at the era of iconic female foes and we hope this era stays. The days are gone when women were treated as background characters, from Margot Robbie to Mouni Roy, here’s a list of stunning actresses who have given us these iconic female antagonists:

First, let’s talk about Margot Robbie:
Margot has portrayed Harley Quinn, who is extremely sensible as she is crazy and unlike Joker, her passion doesn’t begin and end with Batman. Quinn is one of the most popular female villains respected both within her own universe and ours. Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad etched Harley forever in our memories.

Next would be Elizabeth Olsen aka Wanda:
Starting off strong, we have Wanda Maximoff. Her journey in the MCU is of a villain to a hero and back to being an antagonist. Wanda was initially depicted as a Sokovian refugee who, along with her twin brother Pietro, volunteers to be experimented on by Hydra. Elizabeth Olsen has done an outstanding job of potraying Wanda to be relatable and so much more difficult to hate.

Also, let’s not forget Zoe Cravitz:
Speaking of the DC Universe another revered antagonist character is Catwoman. Catwoman tip-toes on the line of heroic and villainous so accurately that you can only admire it. Zoe Cravitz’s phenomenal performance of a no-nonsense confident lady with independent thought.

Lastly, we have our very – Mouni Roy:
The newest addition to the list of female antagonists would be Junoon. The queen of Darkness doesn’t just join the crowd. Strong enough to hold her own, she goes against all to her own benefit. Mouni Roy’s performance as she stands against the Brahmastra is something we won’t forget. We can say, she is the one who saved Brahmastra- part one from being a complete flop. The actress initially famous for her acting chops left the audiences speechless with her stance as Junoon. She will always be recognised as an evolved female antagonist of a cinematic universe in the Indian context.

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