Over the years the Hollywood industry has gifted us with some of its best actresses. These actors are loved for their amazing work on screen but have also caused quite a stir at times due to their controversial statements. One such star we all know and love is Jennifer Aniston and we’re here to tell you more about her.

Jennifer Aniston and her controversial statements

Jennifer Aniston is by far one of the most loved Hollywood actresses we have ever come across. She was loved ever since she first appeared on screen and has a massive fan base of millions across the globe. She is known for her splendid works as Rachel on the show FRIENDS and is also loved for her acting in famous movies like We’re The Millers, He’s Just Not That Into You and Love Happens. However, the actress has also been part of several controversies over the years and here’s a few below.

1- When Jennifer had a talk with a source about returning back on screen and answered one of their questions by saying that Marvel movies are “diminishing” the film industry. This disturbed Marvel fans across the globe who then slammed her on social media for her statement.
2- When there was an argument on twitter among fans stating that in FRIENDS, Rachel should’ve picked Joey over Ross mainly because Ross was always extremely jealous and never gave Rachel her space while Joey did sweet deeds for her, Aniston replied stating that it would’ve never worked out between Rachel and Joey mainly because it was more physical than emotional and that it had always been Rachel and Ross. This seemed to trigger fans to give more reasons why it should’ve been her and Joey.
3- This one isn’t a statement but rather a cover of a famous magazine with her on it that made fans upset. When Jennifer was put on the InStyle magazine cover years back she fans were quick to notice that the star had a darker skin tone and mocked her all over twitter by accusing her of being racist. However Anniston replied back by asking when being tanned had become so problematic.

These were some of the star’s top controversies. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favourite celebs.

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