Liam Hemsworth has our hearts with his captivating smile and his playful blue eyes that seem hypnotic. It has been a year since Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus called it quits on their eight months of wedding life and years on and off the relationship. It seems after a year, Liam has already moved on and is dating Aussie Gabrielle Brooks, a model.

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Though Miley Cyrus seemed to have moved on pretty quickly, Liam Hemsworth found it hard to move on, so he took a step back from the limelight. But now he is happy and living his life to the fullest. Born in Melbourne, Australia, he has two brothers Chris Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth, themselves. He was in big success films like The Last Song, The Hunger Games series, and Independence Day: Resurgence and more.

With a flourishing career and also the ambassador for the Australian Childhood Foundation, Liam Hemsworth has a net worth of $26 million as per celebrity net worth report. Just like his brothers, he is a fine actor with an irresistible charming face.

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