Sonali Kulkarni is a talented Marathi actress who indulges in high levels of performance. She is a theatre artist with a great degree of experience in films. Now she rules the OTT space with challenging roles. Sonali is a fashionista to the core, and always excels in keeping her best foot forward with respect to dressing up.

Her glam and style quotient is always on top, and she manages to synchronize herself in the best of styles. Today we look at the amazing Women’s Day talk that Sonali indulges in. She has been a tough taskmaster, having seen it all and perfected it all!!

In a long post that she has put up to mark this occasion, she talks about the challenges she has met, the scares she has felt, the deadlines she has met etc. She talks about people inspiring her in every walk of life. Today, she takes the opportunity to tell all that she values herself and also values everyone who has been in her life.

Check the post here.

I tumble upon life every day..
I get scared every day..
I have deadlines every day..
I get challenged every day..
I feel happy.. emotional.. terrible.. hopeful.. rejected every day..
But I have courage to pick up myself every day !
I have need to care for my loved ones every day !
I don’t worry about the expectations others have from me.. but I have my own need to love my close ones.. I choose not to feel accused.. I choose being myself and I choose trusting all the people in my life..
for they have made me who I am..
I’m grateful to all of you for being there, for contributing little and big in my life..
I value myself and I value each one of you ♥️
Happy women’s day ?

Aww!! Such inspiring thoughts!!

We are also inspired reading this!!