Check out the moment when Sushant Singh Rajput batted left-handed

Sushant Singh Rajput Bats Left-handed In Style To Fulfill ‘One Of His 50 Dreams’: Watch Now

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has certainly left a permanent void in the film is industry like never before and the biggest regret and sadness is about the fact that a multi-talented individual like him is gone too soon. One of Sushant’s favourite habits when he was alive was to maintain a diary where he would pen down all his unfulfilled dreams and desires. One of those dreams and desires was to play an entire cricket match left-handed.

Well, although many dreams of his still remain incomplete, this is one dream which Sushant did manage to accomplish and it was once when he posted a video of him batting and bowling left-handed which shocked everyone. Seeing the video, no one would really believe that he’s not a naturally left-handed player. Check out the video below-

Amazing ain’t it? Show more and more to this amazing talent and we pray he gets justice.

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