When it comes to a fit and timeless actor, Tom Cruise definitely fits the bill. He’s someone mostly every age group is curious about. Today we bring you his fitness routine. Tom doesn’t seem to age. He actually seems to improve as the years go by. (According to The Things)

According to Jacked Gorilla, Tom has said that he stays young by engaging in a wide array of physical activity. “Sea-kayaking, caving…fencing, treadmill, weights…rock-climbing, hiking…I jog…I do so many different activities,” Cruise said.

Tom’s fitness plan is a combination of cardio and weight training. On the days that he is not in the gym pumping iron, he is out doing one strenuous activity or another.

Tom dedicates three days of his workout regime to weight training. Each of the three days focuses on a different part of the body— upper, lower, and core.

When it comes to workouts, even Cruise takes days off. According to Jacked Gorilla, the actor takes Saturday and Sunday off, to let his muscles relax and rejuvenate.

Tom is strict about his diet and calorie count—careful to avoid oily junk foods. The majority of his meals are grilled and consist of fish, egg whites, chicken, oatmeal, and vegetables.

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