Know more about whether Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan will be a bigger hit than Pathaan or not

Will Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan Be A Bigger Hit Than Pathaan?

Bollywood’s beloved Badshah aka Shah Rukh Khan is someone who truly needs no introduction. The man has been truly winning hearts of one and all with his charm and effortless swag since the beginning of the 90s and well, so far, it has indeed been a glorious and fascinating journey for all her fans and admirers. Today, he’s reached that pinnacle of stardom where literally anything and everything that he does grabs a lot of love and attention. His success and stardom isn’t dependent on any hit or flop and that’s why, he’s hailed as ‘Badshah Khan’ aka ‘King Khan’ for a reason. After a hiatus of literally 5 years, Shah Rukh Khan returned to the 70mm big screen with Pathaan in 2023.

While Pathaan is a humongous hit and has crossed more than 1000 crores globally, the bigger question that now stands is that whether his next movie Jawan willl be a bigger hit or not. The movie is directed by Atlee and it will feature celebrities like Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara and others. So far, the buzz around the movie is immensely strong and well, no wonder, fans have high expectations from him. Add to that, this is will be SRK’s first movie that will also have a deep connection with the South Indian entertainment industry in terms of cast and crew. With the South industry flourishing to a great extent, especial in the last few years, Jawan has all the makings of being a bigger hit than Pathaan if promoted and marketed rightly at the same time.

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