Here are a dozen of unknown facts about Selena Gomez. Check them out!

12 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Selena Gomez

Selena is undoubtedly one of the pop sensations of Hollywood. She has always kept her fans excited with her super hit singles.  Selena is one of the best-selling music artists of the pop industry who has come with one after another hit, from Slow Down (2013) to Rare (2020). Her fans are crazy about her.

Here are some facts about Selena Gomez that you never knew.

1.     She was the only child of her parents. She was born on 22nd July 1992.
2.     Her zodiac sign is Cancer.
3.     Her favorite color is green.
4.     She kissed for the first time in her life, at the age of 12. It was Dylan Sprouse, during the shoot of Suite Life of Zac and Cody.
5.     Her full name is Selena Marie Gomez.
6.     Selena’s some of the nicknames are- Sel, Selly, Selenita, and Conchita.
7.     Taylor Swift is her best friend.
8.     In August 2009, Selena became the youngest UNICEF ambassador at the age of 17.
9.     Her favorite part of a pizza is its crust.
10.  Selena has suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks during 2015-2016.
11.  She loves having a burger.
12.  Selena’s vocal range is mezzo-soprano which covers 3 octaves.

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