Fashion is a notable style of rap that is closely related to fantastic lyrics, excellent flows, and powerful rhythms. As a result, the best fashion campaigns use the names of the best rappers, like Drake, Travis Scott, and Kanye West.


Raftaar is one of those people who can look good in anything and wear it with ease. Raftaar is a popular figure in Bollywood. In addition to being a rapper, thus he follows trends while upholding the basics. He has a big collection of fashionable shoes, including Jordan, Balenciaga, Gucci, and others.

MC Stan

MC Stan is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and music producer (one-man army). He takes style inspiration from the style God of the generation – Young Thug (an American rapper). MC Stan made his own way, and he has evolved quickly.


One of the most well-known figures in Indian hip hop, Divine represents Indian rap internationally. He is a classic character, and his sense of style is also fairly diverse. Divine doesn’t flex, but he does have some expensive clothing, particularly footwear. Wears neutral-colored clothing and emphasizes jackets and t-shirts in the majority of his music videos.


In addition to his love of music, Badshah also has a clothing line called Badfit. In his music videos, he is dressed like a professional fashion model and dressed out in incredibly costly gear. Wears baggy fit flawlessly and has no problem wearing colors that demand attention.

Emiway Bantai

One of the greatest names in Indian rap is Emiway Bantai. His music has a wide range of appeal, and his fans adore him and his music. He is an extraordinarily gifted, diligent, and creative artist, as well as a very stylish individual. Learn more about his fashion journey by looking at the development of his style.