Those boys and girls who want to create an impression in their college and want to become sweethearts of some of your loved ones, then you can take lessons on fashion from Dahyun and Woozi from K-Pop Industry.

Dahyun is a young 23-year-old singer and rapper from the group named ‘TWICE.’ Whereas Woozi is a member of the band ‘Seventeen.’ Woozi is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Woozi is also very young and is aged 24 only.

Both Dahyun and Woozi have created their place in the K-Pop industry with their talent and with their fashion style as well. Being someone new to the industry also, they are giving some major fashion goals to the people out there, especially to the new generations who are going to colleges.

Dahyun is one of the very popular and most loved Korean Idol as per the survey conducted by ‘Gallup Korea.’ Woozi being the leader of the vocal group has created more impressions through his looks and appearance than singing. Both Dahyun and Woozi being young, their fashion style is that which is suitable to college-going students and they can take inspiration from both to get some fashion advice.

Check out some fashionable looks of Dahyun and Woozi to be a sweetheart of your college: