Check out the beauty, fitness and diet plan of Blackpink's Jisoo

Beauty, Fitness And Diet Plans Of Blackpink’s Jisoo

The Blackpinkl girl band group is one of the most talented and popular K-Pop girl band groups around the world and ever since K-Pop as a musical genre found relevance and popularity, the Blackpink girls have been making headlines all over the world. Jisoo from Blackpink undoubtedly has to be the most popular among all the four girls and fans are curious about her always. From her beauty secrets to what she does to keep herself fit and healthy, fans want to know it all. So today, we are here to reveal to you all these secrets. Read below –

As per, Jisoo believes in keeping her skin hydrated and fresh by using natural ingredients like orange pulp. She also believes in using minimal makeup and ensures that before she goes to sleep, she peels off her makeup so that she can let the skin pores breathe.

Jisoo likes a combination of boxing, pilates, & gym to keep her body in shape. She also believes dancing to be a great exercise and is a follower of flying yoga.

Jisoo believes in eating in small quantity and during the evening, she likes light stuff like berries, apple, and raisins.

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