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Who is more popular between Blackpink's Jisoo and Jennie?

Blackpink Battle: Jisoo Vs Jennie: Who’s the more popular Blackpink girl between the two?

Whenever we discuss about K-Pop music, the discussion around the supremely talented group of Blackpink girls is a must. Each of the four ladies is exceptionally talented when it comes to the art of singing and dancing and no wonder they enjoy a humongous fan following all around the world. All the four members are equally talented but if we have to mention two names in the group who are probably a tad ahead of others, it has to be Jisoo and Jennie.

Both Jisoo and Jennie aren’t just known for their exceptional singing ability but also for their stupendous sense of fashion. Add to that their ability to connect with fans at a very close level makes them even more popular. Be it a sexy style of fashion or a mesmerizing voice, both have it in them in plenty and their millions of fans all around the world and on social media is the biggest example of that.

We understand it’s truly difficult to compare two talents of the same team as to who is better and more popular but readers, if you had to pick one as your favourite between Jisoo and Jennie, which ‘J’ will you pick and why?

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