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Who's your favourite K-Pop girl band between Blackpink, TWICE and Brown Eyed Girls

Blackpink Vs TWICE Vs Brown Eyed Girls: Who is your favourite K-Pop girl band?

The K-Pop culture in South Korea has been prevalent ever since the 1980s but it only gained popularity and love all over the world post 2018. All thanks to platforms like YouTube, independent artistes can now go social when it comes to expressing their inner talent and potential. That’s exactly the same which happened with the K-Pop artistes and one after the other, they all became a rage globally after setting the internet on fire. The K-Pop genre has some of the most talented girl bands of South Korea and the noteworthy ones are Blackpink, TWICE, and Brown Eyed Girls.

All the three girl groups have some extremely talented and good-looking personalities whose presence in itself is more than enough to impress one and all. While Blackpink is known for songs like Sour Candy, Playing With Fire, and Kill This Love, TWICE are renowned globally for their singles like TT, MORE & MORE, & Feel Special. Brown Eyed Girls, on the other hand, like their music to be a little on the low-key note and their emotional songs like Come Closer, Abandoned, & Brave New World are loved by one and all.

It’s quite tough to pick one as your favourite but given an opportunity to pick any one girl group for a live concert opportunity, whom would you pick and why? Let us know your views in the comments below and for more updates, stay tuned to

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