Who's a bigger fashion icon between Jisoo and Sana?

Blackpink’s Jisoo VS TWICE’s Sana: Who’s a bigger K-pop fashion icon?

When it comes to the global music fraternity, the only music genre which is currently hitting the chartbusters and playlists all around the world is K-pop. Be it songs on digital music platforms and applications or media platforms and tools like YouTube, K-pop is dominating everywhere. From independent solo artistes to musical groups of boys and girls, K-pop culture has brought in too many new things in this world. Talking about K-Pop groups, the Blackpink and TWICE are two of the most popular girlband groups of K-pop genre and when it comes to these two groups, two of the most popular are Jisoo from Blackpink and Sana from TWICE.

Not just music, both these girls are equally amazing when it comes to slaying and rocking in the fashion department. Both Jisoo and Sana have an immense fan following all over the world and it’s truly difficult to compare who’s a bigger fashion icon between the two. However, if you had to pick one as your favourite, whom would you pick and why?

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